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KSU Remembrance Rock: President Emeritus Betty Siegel

Kennesaw State University Remembrance Rock: President Emeritus Betty Siegel – Reflecting on Your College Experience

President Emeritus Betty Siegel (2003) wrote in her book Becoming an Invitational Leader: “We recall the famous questions Carl Sandburg (1948) asks of himself in his book Remembrance Rock: “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going?” … They will also inevitably lead us to an all-important fourth question, which deserves our utmost attention: “What is my meaning, and how can I contribute to the meaning of others?”" During the dedication ceremony Dr. Siegel added a fifth question: “Where am I going?”

The purpose of this rock is the contemplation of these five questions. According to Dr. Siegel (2003), “answering that question is part of a lifelong process of joy, discovery, and human service.”

KSU Remembrance/Thinking Rock is located between the Commencement Center and the Registrars Office.

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