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About: The Complete Graduate Course – KSU 4401: Senior Seminar

KSU Senior Year Experience Seminar

Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick
Associate Professor of Communication
Senior-Year Seminar Course Coordinator

The first class for the rest of your life
About KSU 4401: Senior Seminar

Prepare for your transition to post-university life as a
productive college graduate & global citizen

This three credit institutional elective capstone course provides KSU seniors with an opportunity to reflect on and provide closure to their collegiate educational experience, demonstrate proficiency, develop the skills necessary to successfully transition to and navigate post-university life, understand the civic and social responsibilities of being college educated global citizens and connect with KSU in an ongoing relationship.

Now offered as a Hybrid Class - meets one day a week and online or a Face-to-Face Class meeting two days a week

This site is dedicated to President Betty L. Siegel:
Who listened to a student voice and the
Senior-Year Experience Movement began in 1990.

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