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Networking for Success: Interview with author/speaker: Tim Houston, The Networking Professional with BNI

Networking for Success: Interview with author/speaker, Tim Houston, The Networking Professional with BNI.

Named “The Networking Czar” during his recent interview on CBS Radio, Talk 650AM Morning Show, Houston, TX (1/6/11), Tim Houston is the author of the newly released book (February 2011) of “The World’s Worst Networker

On March 2, 2011, Tim Houston shared his networking insights and expertise for graduating college seniors and recent college graduates with Dr. Joanie Leichter Dominick. Tim Houston shared that when networking, start with you family! Well, I am proud to share that Tim Houston is my cousin! Thanks for sharing your expert networking insights with the graduating college seniors and recent college graduates for their networking success!

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To listen to Tim Houston’s entire Networking Insights Interview with Dr. Joanie Leichter Dominick, consult the following:

Complete Interview with Tim Houston:

Tim Houston’s World’s Worst Networker Website:

Four Highlighted Topics from Networking for Success Interview with Tim Houston:

1. Networking with Family and Friends:
Tips on Networking with Family and Friends
2. Networking with an Accountability Buddy:
Getting an Accountability Buddy
3. Networking with Social Media:
Tips on Networking using Social Media
4. Networking with University Resources:
Tips on Networking using University Resources

Thank You Tim Houston!!!

Tim Houston: Authored Books on Networking


Many thanks go to Patti Dunn, Mutimedia Development Group, Kennesaw State University, for training me to record this interview using Livescribe Smart Pen, editing the interview, and providing the links for the full interview and providing the selected segments of the interview.

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Networking: Tips and Resources

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