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Passion, Purpose, and Portfolio – Sharing Your Story 2.0: Seminar by Ben Cope, Owner of EPOC Designs

Passion, Purpose, and Portfolio – Sharing Your Story 2.0: Seminar by Ben Cope, owner of EPOC Designs and Co-Founder of Go For Your Dream

Ben Cope is my mentor of the technology of learning. I have been working with him since 2001 from creating portfolio templates and training, learning about the power of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 for Portfolio Design and Development. Every semester Ben Cope presents a seminar and/or resources for my students on “Passion, Purpose, and Portfolio – Sharing Your Story 2.0. He contributes to my scholarship by providing training and creating webpages to showcase my presentations. Additionally, Ben Cope has creating four websites with me, moved me from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, taught me to use Adobe InDesign, WordPress, and continues to be my life long mentor and teacher of technology, so I can disseminate what I learn for the success of the students.

My testimonial to Ben Cope appears on his Website, Internet Genius & LinkedIn.
Ben Cope designed four innovative Websites for me. I worked with him at Kennesaw State University, where he designed ePortfolio templates and training in 2001. When he started his own business, I followed as a client. Ben continues to design and upgrade my Websites, help me with my academic work involving technology. I have showcased his work around the world at academic conferences. He is my multimedia mentor!
Joan Leichter Dominick, EdD

Ben Cope is an Internet Genius and a expert with WordPress.

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Resources provided by Ben Cope for Kennesaw State University Students:

Learn how to develop a professional Twitter Homepage from Ben Cope, Kennesaw State University Graduate and Web 1.0 & 2.0 Entrepreneur, at “Customize Twitter Background”:

Professional History of Technology Initiatives:
Ben Cope has been my technology teacher and mentor since 2001. He provides continuous training, design & development, and mentoring for me to stay current with the power of technology and learning. I have archived my professional history with Ben Cope, honoring his profound professional impact that he has had for my students and myself.

My Academic Scholarship with Ben Cope:
Scholarship History with Ben Cope: Link to the all the webpages created by Ben Cope for my national and international academic presentations. These also include portfolio resources created by Ben Cope featured the the academic conferences.

Scholarship: Ben Cope created these webpages for all my academic conference presentations. He also created this website & provided resources for the presenations

My Websites (Web 1.0) created by Ben Cope:

My Websites & Social Media (Web 2.0) created by Ben Cope:

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Kennesaw State University Pocket ePortfolio Training Website & Resources: Created by Ben Cope, Presentation Technology Department, 2002. For my KSU 4401: Senior Seminar, KSU 1101: First-Year Seminar, and KSU Honors Colloquium – now linked to Jennifer Leifheit Little, Kennesaw State University, Audio Visual Technology Services, contributed content.

Kennesaw State Pocket ePortfolio Initiative - Presentation Technology Department 2002

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