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What is your Complete Graduate Learning Story? Foliothinking from Reflection to Sharing Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story

What is your Learning Story? Foliothinking from Reflection to Sharing Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story

What is a Learning Story? Your Learning Story can include your academic experience, professional experience, volunteer work, self-directed learning, life before and during college, etc. Your Learning Story consists of your experiences and how they have impacted your  past, present and how they might impact your future plans and decisions ranging from creating career and volunteer plans to developing your resume and elevator speech. A way to reflect, assess, collect supporting evidence, connect and express your Learning Story is to create a GPS: Grad Portfolio Story.

Reflections on Folio Thinking:

Use Folio Thinking to Honor, Understand, and Connect Your Learning From Self to Global Society, for the Betterment of the World” Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick

To better understand our current potential for success, all we have to do is
reflect back at what we’ve already achieved.”
Vincent Plowman, Psychology – Graduate – Kennesaw State University 2007 & KSU 4401: Senior Seminar Student Spring 2007

ePortfolio as Kaleidoscopic Process: Reflective View from Self to Global Society:
Just as a kaleidoscope needs light to view the endless possiblities of visual combinations of the colored glass, an eportfolio provides the illumination for the learner to view the endless possibilities of the potential views and connections of her/his learning experience from self to global society – Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick

Know your story learning story helps you to honor, understand, and connect your learning from self to society, for the better good of all. Here are some resources to help your craft your learning story for self empowerment, networking, creating your portfolio, interviewing, and connecting with stakeholders in your success:
Dr. Joan E. Leichter Dominick’s Learning-to-Go Livebinders on Foliothinking:

KSU 4401: Senior Seminar Course Portfolio
INTS 4498: Senior Seminar – Integrative Studies Course Portfolio
Mapping Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story + Samples + Resources
Creating Your Reflective Portfolio
Free eFormats for GPS: Grad Portfolio Story

Designing, Developing, & Monitoring Your Learning Story:

Reflecting on Your Learning Story

GPS: Grad Portfolio Story, copyright 2013

Presenting Your Learning Story

Developing & Monitoring Your Digital Professional Presence (DPP)

Career Storytelling Tools for Job-Seekers

Creating an Elevator Speech: Your Spoken Resume

Creating a Digital & Paper Business Card
About Me: Digital & Paper Business Card – Connects Your Story
Dr. Joanie Dominick’s About Me Digital Card

Creating a Voki: One Minute Story – Animated by an Avitar:


Resources on Creating a Personal Brand:

Passion, Purpose, and Portfolio – Sharing Your Story 2.0: Seminar by Ben Cope, Owner of EPOC Designs

Social Media & ePortfolio Recipe Book


Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand by Dan Shawbel, contributed by Darryl Smith, KSU Senior
Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP: Personal Brand Week and free eBook:

International Journal of ePortfolios: Volume One, Number One 2011 – Virginia Tech
Consult: ePerformance: Crafting, Rehearsing, and Presenting the ePortfolio Persona

by Kimberly Ramírez, LaGuardia Community College

Story Corps Every Voice Matters: Non-Profit Organization on Preserving Life Stories
Senior-Year Seminar Discussion and Assignment for “What is Your Complete Graduate Learning Story? Foliothinking from Reflection to Presenting:

Discussion One: What’s Your Learning Story? Designing Your Elevator Speech, Developing Your Personal Brand, and Developing & Monitoring Your Digital Professional Presence.

What are your Career & Life Vision Plans?
Review The Complete Graduate Career & L ife Vision Assignment

Academic Journal on ePortfolios in Higher Education: International Journal of ePortfolio

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